Installation of Wireless Internet in Blackfoot, Idaho

Blackfoot Internet Providers


We’re living in a world that is increasingly dependent upon internet connections. Regardless of whether you live in the city or the country, lives and livelihoods depend upon reliable access to digital technology. When you’re looking for Blackfoot internet providers, here’s what you need to know about the types of services available in our Southeast Idaho area:

DSL Internet –
Provided by the traditional phone company, this service is transmitted over telephone lines.
Pro: available in most locations.
Con: limited speeds in outlying areas.

Satellite Internet –
This service is transmitted via earth-orbiting satellites.
Pro: available pretty much EVERYWHERE!
Con: because the signal has to travel over exceedingly long distances, service tends to be very slow for traditional satellite companies. New low-earth orbit systems run faster but are significantly more expensive, can have VPN challenges, weather-related outages, and customer service is not local.

Cable Internet –
Signal is transmitted through physical copper or fiber cables buried in the ground or on overhead power poles.
Pro: high speeds and reliable service.
Con: available only in more populated neighborhoods and along main roads, can be expensive.

Fixed Wireless Internet –
Signal is transmitted via wireless radios installed on the client’s home or property.
Pro: high speeds available off the beaten path.
Con: dependent on line-of-sight from the radio on the property to the provider’s broadcast point (trees can block the line and make it difficult to access service).

There you have it – we hope this breakdown of the categories of Blackfoot internet providers is helpful in determining what type of service will work best for your specific location. We are admittedly, a little biased: Vision WiFi is a fixed wireless internet provider. Our network is unique in that we utilize many proprietary broadcast points in an effort to provide stable coverage to more remote areas of Bingham County, Idaho.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions – we’re here to make sure we give you the best information available on the specific needs of your household, because we believe that EVERYONE deserves awesome internet!

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