Vision WiFi is a locally owned and operated company providing high speed internet to Bingham County in Southeast Idaho. As a wireless internet provider, we offer high speed internet to the following communities:

Founded in 2015, we have the dedication and expertise to bring you wireless internet services at affordable prices! Just a $99 fee for installation and our range of packages run from a low price of $45 up to only $70, you just can’t beat these prices. Our state of the art technology will give you that high speed internet that you have been looking for.

Because we are a local company, we are someone you can trust. You won’t be finding any surprise charges here. With no contracts, no data limits nor throttling we can promise you high quality, great service, and wireless internet connections that work. Our customers give us raving reviews with 5 stars across the board. Don’t wait! Get your high speed internet today. Contact us with coverage questions, or to schedule an appointment to be one of the many loving their service from Vision WiFi.

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