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If you live in Pingree, Idaho, you know how difficult it can be to find a reliable internet service provider. The remote location of Pingree means that many traditional providers simply don’t have the infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet. Fortunately, Vision WiFi offers a solution that can help. 

By utilizing broadcasting towers scattered throughout the area, we can provide Pingree residents with fast and reliable internet service that meets all of their needs. Whether you’re working from home, streaming movies, or simply browsing the web, Vision WiFi has got you covered. With our commitment to excellent service and support, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best internet experience possible. 

So if you’re tired of dealing with spotty and inconsistent internet, consider switching to Vision WiFi for a better internet experience in Pingree.

We understand that spotty internet can be frustrating. Frankly, we need the same internet accesses you do. Treat others how you would like to be treated, right? Check your coverage today and see if Vision WiFi can help connect your home.

Your Needs Are Our Needs!

✓Guaranteed Speeds
✓Solid Internet
✓No Contracts
✓No Gimmicks
✓No Data Limits

We are a locally owned & operated high speed wireless internet company based in rural Bingham County, Idaho. We know your internet needs, because they are our internet needs, too! We specialize in providing solid, fast internet connections to people living in rural areas, such as Pingree. We understand that you need to be able to surf, study, shop and stream without lost connections or buffering. Happy customers are our top priority – no gimmicks, no contracts, no data limits, no surprises. Just really great service!

Man and woman in front of field.
Josh & Audrey Preston | Owners of Vision WiFi

10 Mbps

  • Perfect for basic web surfing and checking email
  • 1-2 users streaming simultaneously

20 Mbps

  • Great for 4K Netflix Streaming
  • 2-3 devices streaming simultaneously

30 Mbps

  • Amazing for multiple users streaming video
  • Ideal for high performance gaming requirements

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