Pro Tip for Blackfoot Internet

Pro Tip: Christmas Prep

Does someone you love have some shiny new tech on their Christmas list? Here’s a pro tip for Christmas prep:

Christmas Day and the day following are some of the heaviest traffic days on any internet network! Downloading and updating operating systems, apps, and games are all activities that place a siginificant load on your connection, and can potentially create a bit of a traffic jam that slows everything else down. To avoid any unneccesary waiting on the big day, try taking care of these tasks before your gifts are wrapped so the new toys can be enjoyed right away!

If you find you’re needing a little more internet speed to power your new devices, contact us! We are generally able to install new service where available within a few days, and speed upgrades on existing services are as simple as telling us what you want – the changes take just a few minutes to implement. We’re happy to discuss which plan will be optimal for your household any time.

Here is a quick breakdown of our service plans and pricing:

10 mbps = $45 | 15 mbps = $50 | 20 mbps = $60 | 30 mbps = $70

As always, there are no contracts, no data limits, no throttling, and no equipment rental fees!

We love our community, and love serving our neighbors – Merry Christmas to you all!

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