We have had Vision for a few months now and have loved it!!! They are prompt in responding when you have a question or problem!!!

MerriLee Jorgensen

Simply the best that's available in our area !!! Very nice people !!!

Wayne Lawrence Crue

Vision Wi-Fi is now our internet service provider at Artisan's Corner Shoppe! We are so excited and proud to be supporting a local company! The old Milmor building was a challenge to run cable through, but Josh was diligent in doing a fantastic job! I love that I don't have cable hanging everywhere! Talk about excellent customer service! Audrey and Josh provided next day service! All of the positive reviews and comments recommending this company made it an easy decision for our business to choose Visioin Wi-Fi!

Jennifer Moon

Great people great service. Have and would recommend

Les Gunter

So far these guys are amazing..just setting up WiFi now they are trimming branches to be able to get the best signal..FABULOUS

Sheila Walton Nelson

We switched over to your service and have loved it. It is very reliable and serves our family well.

Sari David

Best Wi-Fi for our area,,,the service cannot be beat we were up and running in one day.

Ronald Diaz

Great customer service, the first issue I've had in 8 months was resolved in a 3 minute phone call

Shawn Morris

Seamless so far. My internet has never been better.

Shyrl Wheeler

Awesome service and works great. Best internet we've ever had and we switched from cable one. Very very happy!

Katrina Preston VanOrden

I'm so glad I made the switch to Vision wifi. It is wonderful to have fast reliable internet.

Angela N Jason Lish

Vision WiFi is amazing. Great service and Fast internet.

Melissa Jensen Goodwin

Vision WiFi is absolutely the best internet service we have ever had! The service is wonderful, and the owners are amazing!

Barb Hodges

I have had Vision WiFi for a couple of years now. It's been great service, and love that I can talk to an actual local person. I highly recommend it!

Kayla Evans
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